Marvel Black Panther The Royal Talon Fighter Badge Men’s T-Shirt – Grey – S


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Black Panther has become an front tier Marvel character since his feature film debut in Captain America: Civil War. The superhero packed with Wakandan heritage and lots of vibranuim had to open his enclosed home to Thanos‘ army with the hopes of success. Can our heroes restore the life the were fighting for? The brilliant Marvel Black Panther The Royal Talon Fighter Badge Men’s T-Shirt is a product with exclusivity, only purchasable on our site. Grabbing the attention of passersby, it features an eye-catching print on a Grey piece of apparel.(Our products are all ethically sourced, and this extra step will leave you feeling satisfied with your decision.) Cotton and Polyester BlendThis product can be used with washing machinesPrior to tumble-drying, please consult the labelMedium-thickness cottonAll body types considered, this item offers a looser fit so as to accomodate both men and women. If you want to let your torso breathe, please select a size larger than your normal.Dive right in to the Marvel Universe, blasting away in your vehicle of choice! From spaceships to buggies, boats to Helicarriers, the variety is limitless, and every single one as powerful as their driver or pilot needs them to be. Pick up your favourites with this awesome Official Marvel range.