Avengers Endgame Hulk Poster Hoodie – Black – XL


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Avengers Endgame Hulk Poster Hoodie – Black – XL

Bruce Banner, AKA The Incredible Hulk. Or he was – as his inner rage refuses to show itself. Reduced to merely a man, how can he hope to undo the work of Thanos?The fantastic Avengers Endgame Hulk Poster Hoodie is a must-have product, its style enhanced by exclusivity. Made to complement any wearer, it showcases a bold print on a Black piece of clothing.(The materials used in this product have been sourced responsibly, so start shopping with confidence.) Cotton and Polyester BlendWash at 40 degreesTumble-dryer instructions are available via the labelHeavy Weight Cotton Additionally, our measurements make considerations for different bodies, both male and female. If you prefer baggier clothing, we recommend that you order a larger size.The eagerly anticipated sequel to Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame has a bleak scene set for it. The war is over, and Thanos has won. Fully half the known universe has been removed from existence in a snap of his fingers. How do the Avengers even begin to bring them back? Is it even possible to undo that much damage?