Captain Marvel Neon Goose Hoodie – Black – XL


Bei Zavvi

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Goose, Carol Danvers‘ faithful companion, is a sleek-furred beautiful ginger cat. Or, we believe so. There are many species in the universe – and all the other parallel universes – that could easily pass for a common house cat. Hmmm…The creative Captain Marvel Neon Goose Hoodie, a site exclusive, is a smart addition to any wardrobe. Personalised by our industry veterans, it sports an original print on a Black piece of attire.(Our entire range of products has been ethically sourced, and considerations such as these will make you glad that you shopped at this site.) Polyester CottonWashing-machine friendlyPlease refer to the label for a full breakdown of tumble-dryer instructionsHeavy Weight Similiarly, this item continues to excel with a comfortable fit, its proportions being slightly exaggerated. If you prefer a casual fit, please order a size up.Be sure to pick up your official Captain Marvel merchandise to recognise the imminent, hotly-anticipated arrival of the Captain herself on the big screen. Arriving this March, Carol Danvers finds herself dragged into an epic war of intergalactic-level threats.