Justice League Graffiti Green Lantern Kids‘ T-Shirt – Black – 3-4 Jahre – Schwarz


Bei Zavvi

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Green Lanterns are basically space cops, so they probably wouldn’t do much graffiti, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t carry the symbol of the Green Lantern Corps on your chest, in brightest day or blackest night.This fantastic Justice League Graffiti Green Lantern Kids‘ T-Shirt is a unique product, only available here. Showcasing the talent of our in-house team, it captures people’s attention with a bold graphic on a Black garment.(Ensuring adherance to best practice, this product has been sourced from ethical suppliers, and we are available to answer any further queries regarding our clothing items.) Pure-cotton shirtThis product can be used with washing machinesPrior to tumble-drying, please refer to the labelMedium-thickness shirtMoreover, this item – its proportions exaggerated – offers comfort to children of all body types. Please order a size up if you prefer a more laid-back fit.