Marvel Captain America Wooden Shield Women’s Sweatshirt – Black – XS


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Captain Americas rotella shield made from Vibranium; a shock absorbing material is able to absorb blows from the Hulk, Thor’s magical hammer and protects Captain America from near enough everything thrown at him. The creative Marvel Captain America Wooden Shield Women’s Sweatshirt is a one-of-a-kind product, exclusive to our site. Made to complement any wearer, it showcases a bold print on a Black sweatshirt.(Our ethical approach ensures that all our products have been responsibly sourced, so any concerns that you may have can be put to rest.) Cotton and Polyester MixWashing-machine friendlyCheck the label for tumble-dryer compatibilityHeavy Weight MaterialOn top of this, our items give optimum comfort, with proportions suited for women. If you prefer a casual fit, please order a size up.Marvel’s first ever comic was published in 1939 under Timely Comics and in 1961 the Marvel era began, ever since they have been creating some of our most favourite superheros.